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.:: ketsuai ::.

GW Fanfiction

~* 穴愛 *~ Gundam Wing Yaoi Fans
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"Let's make one such memory, Zechs," Trowa whispered and closed his mouth against Zechs' own, not even bothering with a chaste kiss as his tongue slipped in to taste the warmth within. How long had it been since he'd last kissed someone? It felt like ages since he'd lost Treize and the thought of touching another felt as if he were betraying the memory of his lost lover. But what Trowa had said about memories was correct-- he'd spent years wishing for days when everything seemed better, but even then he longed for memories of the past. He'd make new memories, even as he recorded his old ones. He opened his mouth wider for Trowa, and let his arms rest about his waist as he pulled him closer, as close as possible. Their tongues brushed against each other, ever so gently, almost like a passive question asked and received with a passive answer."

Welcome to ketsuai.

a b o u t

Ketsuai is a Gundam Wing Livejournal Community intended for the of sharing of thoughts/specs, fanfiction, and fanart, or anything else related to the insanity that is honest to God, good ol' fashioned GW perversion. Of the yaoi sort, of course, but het and yuri is equally accepted here. This community is not pairing-centric. All pairings are welcome here. The point of this community is to share with your fellow fans. Anyone is welcome to join and anyone is welcome to post. Show your love of the boys and how they love each other.

We also have an introductory survey. Fill it out, say hello, join the fun. ^.~
It isn't mandatory, but it helps break the ice a little. :)

r u l e s

1.] No flaming. It doesn't matter who wants to spit fire in whose direction, so long as it does not take place on this community.

2.] Please use the lj-cut tool for posting fanfiction and/or large images.

3.] Do not post any fanfiction that is not your own. The same applies to fanart/wallpaper/winamp skins/icons. If someone wants to post their stuff here, they can do it themselves.

4.] None of that "Duo is miiiiiine!!!!!oneoneone" or any such nonsense. No arguing over the sexual orientation of the pilots. No arguing over pairings. *nod~*

5.] Have fun and remember to respect each other. ^_^

Note: These rules are open to revision and more may be added later as they are needed.

l i n k s

Uhm... I have none of these yet. <.<; >.>; I'll get the links up soon. ^^;
If anyone would like to affiliate with ketsuai, you can contact me at: kelsey(at)lastofromance.com