Squirrel of Doom (feidragon) wrote in ketsuai,
Squirrel of Doom

Fic Search


I just joined this community in hopes that I could get some help finding a long lost favorite fic of mine. The general premis is this:

Post Waltz, Heero and Duo are not in preventers. Heero took on a cargo plane piloting job testing new flight paths. He and Duo are together, I can't remember what Duo was doing job wise. Anyways, they had a vacation all planned out but Heero gets called in to do some test flights at the last minute. Duo's bummed, but instead of being bored he desides to set up something special for when Heero gets back. Heero comes home only to find that Duo's not there but he has an outfit and instructions laid out for him, telling him to be at a certain club wearing this outfit. Heero shows up and goes inside, and finds duo basically raving (but not high). I think he had colored body paint on but whatever. Duo has a room in the back reserved for them where they order drinks and they come up through the table. They get into a drinking contest where one person names a drink with a kinky name and the other has to name the ingrediants (somewhere along the line, Duo gave Heero a bartenders book and told him to read it)and if you loose on naming the ingrediants, you have to drink two, if you win, the other has to drink 2. Anyways, much smexing, alcohol consuming and general debautchery ensues. They wake up the next morning with purple lube stains on various areas and feeling like shit. Once they are more human, they try to piece together what all they drank and did that night.

I remeber so much about this fic but not who wrote it, where I read it or the title. If this is ringing any bells for anybody, please let me know!!!!
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