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Coast 5

Part 5

I wrote it, Jewel of Heel had the gratest patience to be my beta.
Alternative universe, Heero's point of view, yaoi.
Here, Relena, Wufei, Quatre and Trowa make their appearance.


Part 5


Beta: Jewel of Hell

I sat on the sand, my back against a palm tree, facing the glassy sea.

Duo's friend had asked me to make something rad on his stick. Don't ask me how they managed to find me an air brush, but apparently it was lying around in someone's house for some time. Maybe they had an artist here before. So now the young surfers wanted to have a new style for their boards.

While I draw blue flames around a dragon, I thought about what the hell had happened in my life these last weeks.

I had gone from famous writer – completely aware of writing cliché stories just for success – to a poor artist that spent his days painting boards on the beach. All I wanted before I came here was to make some money to open my own publishing company.

I’ve always loved art. I even taught art history on college for some time; but painting was never more than a hobby. And now, I didn't even care anymore about the secret formula for writing a best-selling novel. My book was lost somewhere inside my backpack.

Now, I'm an out-of-the-closet homo dating a guy who looks like a model from a magazine.

My life took a path without consulting me first.

Where was that survival instinct? The craziness of the big city? The individuality? The lack of trust. Whatever happened to the competitiveness on the business world? People doing anything for money.

Money? The last time I had seen it was when I paid for gas on my way here.

All the rush. Noise. Cars. Contracts. Looking for an editor. Try to run my own business. Interviews. Autograph sessions. Events.

Everything seemed so distant now.

I took a deep breath, and exhaled all of my worries letting the gentle wind take it all away.

It still surprised me to think how easily I had adapted to this new way of life. Maybe Duo is right – deep inside, people know when they are in their right place when they get there. That's what I felt right now. I just know I'm at the right place.

I made some finishing touches on my drawing when my cell phone gave away. The sound it made meant the end of its battery. I probably would have to go to the village to recharge it. Or maybe I wouldn't waste my time, I didn't need it anyway.

Deciding my mobile's importance, Duo approached and stopped by my side. He seemed in bad temper which was really weird for him. He looked at me with an intensity that I have never seem in his beautiful eyes before. I didn't have a good feeling about this.

“You have visitors,” his voice sounded tense and deeper than usual.

I was lost. Visitors? Who the hell would visit me here? This place is in the middle of nowhere! And I had just a few friends anyway.

Oh... Sure...

I left the surfer board on the sand, and accompanied Duo who walked fast and stern. He didn't even look back at me.

Soon, I saw Trowa and Relena with two other people.

I swallowed a curse and walked up to them. Duo leaned back on some wall to observe us, keeping distance.

Some other residents already looked at us in an unfriendly manner.

When Relena came to hug me and Trowa smiled at me, I saw all the trust I had won evaporate right in front of me. That’s when I realized how much it hurt to feel like I betrayed them.

“What are you doing here?” I asked harsher than I intended.

“We come to see if you were okay.” Trowa answered.

I stared at him incredulous.

“But… I talked with you on the phone!” That’s why the battery had run out.

He just smirked.

I wanted to strangle him, but instead of that, I glared at Relena.

“Heero, I came here to forgive you,” she said serious. “And say there is nothing between us anymore.”

“Relena,” I tried to sound calm, like a grown up explaining to a small child why it can’t put the dog on the microwave “there never was something between us.”

She laughed.

“I know Heero!” Her eyes seemed peaceful, she sighed “I know. And I know that I pushed myself on you. Even if it was a little extreme to drop me on the middle of the road, I recognize that it was my fault for going too far.” It took me a while to realize that I held my breath “I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry, and I hope you forgive me too, so we can be friends again.”

I nodded, still stunned. I finally acknowledged the little blond guy behind Trowa, and the Chinese guy holding a pink luggage.

The blond one, probably sensing the awkward moment, offered me his hand. I shook it after a few seconds.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Quatre. I read all of your books, Mr. Yuy.”

Trowa traveled miles just to introduce me to a fan? I nodded and turned back to the Chinese man so I wouldn’t have to start a conversation.

“And this is Wufei!” Relena happily pointed to the other brunet. He bowed his head slightly like in an oriental salute, which I returned “He helped me when I got lost in that city you dropped me off.” She ended her sentence intertwining their arms.

Hn… Okay… What was I supposed to do with these people now?

To be continued…


Glassy – A smooth surface condition caused by absence of local winds.

Rad - Radical

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