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[FIC] Coast 3


Part 3

Beta: Jewel of Hell

Summary: Heero is a writer going to the beach searching inspiration, and he finds more than he expected. He is going to find a new life and maybe a new meaning to his happiness and his art. AU, POV, lemon. R&R, please!

Couples: 1x2, unrequited R+1 e maybe others.

A/N: I apologize to the surf community, I made my research, but the only way to actually understand a different culture is to live it. I tried to make more believable as possible, but sorry if there are too many mistakes with the slangs. Please, report to me if you find one too many. The beach is fictional as it is their way of life.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don’t own the characters, so I kidnap them and brought them to a distant beach.

Reviews are always really welcome.

Early morning, I decided to do something productive. I sat on the sand, facing the sea, put my notebook on my lap, and started writing.

I managed to advance several pages, when a head popped over my shoulder.

“What are you writing?” Duo asked.

“My book.”

“‘Kay. But what is it about?”

“About a surfer.”

“You already said that. What’s the story?”

“Actually, it’s about a surfer who gets lost in the middle of the ocean, and is rescued by aliens. They give him a giant robot to pilot, so he can fight against evil forces to save the Earth from total domination.” I couldn’t have been more sarcastic even if I tried.

“Really?” he asked incredulous.

“Of course not.”

“Geez, you didn’t need to be so ironic.”

“I just don’t like telling people about it before it’s ready. Sometimes the story just takes on a life of its own, and gets a little out of control.”

“Ah… Sounds like a writer’s thing. Whatever. Look, breakfast is ready.”

After eating, I gathered my notebook and pen, ready to go back to the beach. When I saw Duo still wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, I couldn’t resist asking.

“Aren’t you going to surf today?”

“I think so, why? Curious to see if I will get abducted by crazy aliens and fight for Earth’s freedom?”

Ouch. Well, at least we were even now.

“No reason,” how could I explain that I just wanted to see him wearing the ridiculously tight rubber suit again? “Do you surf every day?” It wasn’t in my nature to be curious, but I came here for a research after all. I barely realized that I sounded more like interviewer.

“Practically.” He smiled, eyes sparkling with joy, like that was the source of all his happiness.

“And do you… work?” At all?

“Of course not!” he answered like my question was outrageous.

I stared at him, surprised. The planet I had come from, people needed to work to survive.

“Look,” apparently he noticed how taken aback I was “come here.”

Duo took me to the beach. That is, we just had to take a step outside the house.

“Are you seeing those fishing boats over there?” I nodded. “They bring our food. The fishermen do it because they like to fish. Look at that side now.” I turned to where his finger pointed, seeing a house a little farther away with some cows. “Meat and milk.” Now he pointed to the palm trees. “Coconut milk. Knock yourself out!”

“Wait.” I interrupted “Are you saying that… you people don’t go to the cities to buy supplies?”

“What for? We have everything we need here.”

How? I looked around again. There were a few shacks and they had a forest as a garden separating them from a village. I knew we were hours from decent civilization.

“Heero...” he scratched the back of his neck, looking disconcerted “you said that you were a writer and I don’t know what your book is exactly about. Just, please, don’t write about this place. Don’t tell anyone about it, ok?”

When he looked at me, his eyes were bright with the kind morning light. Right then, I would have promised him the world if he asked. I was glad there was no way he knew that.

I nodded, making a silent promise. He looked immediately relieved.

“So, are you a surfers secret society or what?”

He laughed it off and stretched out.

“Speaking of that, do you know how to surf?”

“I… Not exactly.” Feeling awkward all of a sudden, I cleared my throat, and pretended to have an interest in the crab digging a hole into the sand.

Duo’s face lit up in a huge smile, and he entered again in the house. Seconds later he came back, shirtless, holding a surfer board.

“Let’s go. Surfz up!” He dragged me by the arm, and threw me into the sea without ceremony.

That’s how it all started.

Suddenly, days had gone by. My abilities with the board – or the stick – improved. I started to understand their way of life.

It was a little hard at first, but eventually the community accepted my presence.

It felt like being in an Utopic world. They didn’t have a leadership. No fights. No problems. The only law around here was to be happy and enjoy the sand, the beach and the ocean.

I ended up forgetting all about my book.

I tried to convince myself that it was for the research, that I just wasn’t ready to go on with it. But I knew deep inside I had found my so needed inspiration, and now I wanted to follow their law. Enjoying it instead of just creating it with words on paper.

Solo still didn’t like me very much. Once in a while he called me something that I just knew it was offensive, even not understanding what he said most of the time. At least he didn’t complain all that much anymore. He got annoyed to find out that I wore some of his clothes, but eventually he let go. It still made me happy when he went away to a surf competition somewhere else.

That’s what I was doing right now. Not competing. Just surfing.

I finally learned to keep my balance while Duo guided us between the waves. We stood together on the same board, shooting the breeze.

In a inspirational moment, I caught an unprepared Duo by the waist and tried to lift him up. Like I had seen on those tandem surf videos. Of course, I never had hopes it would work from the beginning. He burst out laughing, struggling to free himself . When he gave up, he tried making silly poses on the air. What happened next was pretty obvious. A big wave came and we wiped out.

We rose on the water still laughing. I have never felt so light in my life. So happy. I felt in peace here with him. So much innocence, and at the same time, so much maturity on that face, those eyes. The wet hair framing the smile glowing on him. For me, nothing else mattered in the world, and I had a hunch he felt the same way.

I don’t know what possessed me at that time. I just knew what to do. It was the right moment. I slowly tilted forward. He watched my every movement now. I kissed him. The contact was delicate. Short too.

Another wave came and sent us back under the water.

Duo pulled the board and sat on it. He offered me his hand. I took it so I sat right in front of him, straddling the board. I didn’t waste time to go on where we had left off.

All my senses concentrated on that moment and nothing else. I didn’t care about the sea gulls on the horizon, the gentle waves licking our legs, the fishermen whistling for us on their little boats. It seemed like a dream. A perfect dream.

My hands where on his waist, and his wrapped around my neck. His tongue playing with mine. Just like I had written on the day I got here. Even though no words would be good enough to describe the sweetness of his taste, or the sensation of finally touching his skin without restraint.

It would probably be the most romantic book I have ever written – when it gets ready, if it ever will – but I don’t care. To be honest, I have stopped caring about a lot of things since I arrived here.

For instance, thinking of Duo as irresistible even being a male.

To be continued…

Author’s e-mail: maymacallyster(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br


Surfz up – the weather and waves are good to surf.

Tandem surfing – a surf category with two people riding on the same surfboard, while doing stunts. Usually a man and a women.

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