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I am a newbie
Play nice with me ... please??
Just filling out the form:

[Who is your favorite GW character?]: Wufei - but Duo comes close second

[Second favorite?]: Duo ....... (what i said above applies here)

[How long have you been a fan of GW?]:  Ummmm, 6 years give or take

[Do you write GW fanfiction?]: Unfortunately i just cannot seem to write it,  so i just console myself by reading everyone elses amazing pieces!!!

[What are your favorite pairings?]: 1x2 (in that order), 1x5 (in that order), 1x2x5 (in that order, 4x3 (in that order)

[Do you prefer the English dub actors or the Japanese seiyuu?]: JAPANESE seiyuu!!!!! God i was traumatised when i heard the english dubbing - scary

[Who is your favorite voice in the series?]: Um probably wufei and duo

[Favorite MS?]: Deathsycthe and Nataku (Shenlong)

[What is your favorite GW song (image song/theme/closing/etc...)?]:
Kinda have to go with all - i like most songs

[What (in your opinion) is the most defining moment in the series?]: Dunno - i kinda like most moments as i twist everything to make it shounen ai ......... like the heero -duo interaction and the trowa - heero after heero selfdestructed
and wufei in his rants - gotta watch them all *abusing pokemon here*......hehehehe

[Do you ever feel the urge to push Heero's bangs away from his eyes and let your hand linger on his forehead?]:
Yup totally especially when he was sleeping/recovering after blowing himself up - wishing Trowa- heero moment

[Have you ever watched any anime titles you weren't particularly interested in, only because a seiyuu from GW was in it?]: Dunno i aint gud at finding websites with english subs so i just grab what i can and run!!!! Don't worry i am not a felon....just someone who is loving the internet for all its uses

[What is your favorite set of clothes from GW?]: Wufei's!!! Gotta love the man for his style. I love asian clothing!!!

[Which character do you think you can relate the best with?]: Duo - i am a bit too mischevious, but i totally understand Wufei and his justice views

[Have you ever had any GW related dreams?]: TOO MANY!!! just a warning - Don't get me started, believe me i won't stop!

[Which pilot (including Zechs and Treize- they're technically pilots too) do you think would look best in eyeliner? XD]: Wufei and Trowa, maybe Duo but i like his eyes so i don't think he really needs them. But Wufei with eyeliner - kawaii  and Trowa - so adding to his mysterious look!

[Do you like spandex?]:  Heero and spandex just fit together, i mean the jeans or baggy clothing just would not go with him. ...........Nope ........still can't picture him wearing anything else .........

[How about military issue knee-boots?]: Gotta love them - buy me some and i will so move in with you - give them to Wufei and i will stalk you forever!!! *joke* - for those who might get freaked out by my enthusiasm
Anyone picture Wufei in military issue knee-boots and eyeliner??

[What's the oddest thing you've done to show your love of GW?]: Not sleep for 24 hours due to watching and reading fanfiction.... anything else i should mention???

From Mello
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