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[FIC] Coast 4

Part 4
Warning: lemon


Part 4


Warnirg: lemon.

Beta: Jewel of Hell

Thanks a lot to everyone for the moral support and the nice reviews! It means a lot to any author, especially a new one like me. This one was… delicate… so I really hope you all like this new chapter.

With my new relationship with the long haired surfer, the 'community' – about five families – started accepting me. The initial hostility disappeared.

Even Solo, who I discovered to be Duo's older half brother, stopped harassing me.

Last night, talking on the shore, I found out that Howard had adopted them after their parents died in a boat accident. They were caught in a storm, and the boat sunk.

Until then, Howard traveled around the world chasing the higher waves. He won many prizes, and lived for a long time in Hawaii. Still young, in one of his trips, he caught meningitis to his own surprise. It was bad. That's how he become deaf, but he still had a good humor, and once in a while he would risk a small wave. He was respected around here – a legend. He also had a lot to share about his experiences, but it was really tiresome to talk to him, since Duo had to translate everything.

I still don't know what's with his glasses though. Even at night he would wear them. He isn't blind, so it's a mystery.

Anyway, Duo told me Solo was in charge of the excursions. I have no idea how these people got money, and if they cared about it at all. But they were always traveling to surf championships.

I had two theories. First, there were other places like this where people lived like them, being anarchists and denying capitalism. Or they could sell sea food and handicraft.

Duo was responsible for teaching kids to read. He studied in a big city during high school, and went to college. Even with a computer science degree, he decided to come back.

As for me, I found something to do too. I had talent with the air brush, so I became popular around the surfers. In my free time, I used to paint and draw, so this was like a hobby of mine.

My – now – boyfriend, said he wanted to change the design on his surfer board after seeing some of my sketches. Soon enough, I started getting requests which I would comply for the sake to not gell.

That's how I ended up officially invited to the luau that happened almost every night.

Duo interrupted my day-dream with his hand on my thigh. We were around a campfire talking and listening to everyone sing. It was already late, so there were few of us now. Duo had already sang with a surprisingly nice voice an acoustic version of On the Beach. Very fitting.

Someone was playing the guitar. Everything felt really nice, until they made me sing too. I decided to surprise everyone by singing in Japanese. Yeah, it was just to show myself.

But that hand was going up, taking away all of my concentration of the other songs. I got closer to him, circling my arm around his waist, and caressing him lightly. My other hand on top of his to avoid a huge embarrassment on my part. Duo laid his head on my shoulder in a very innocent way. Soon, he started kissing my neck slowly.

I murmured a ‘no’ on his ear but he didn’t seem to care.

We still hadn’t the opportunity to have sex. It wasn’t for lack of trying either, but Duo usually chose the worse moments to start something.

Once, he tried to convince me doing it on top of the surf board while on the sea. I almost yielded, it was just too tempting. But thinking that the fishermen on the boats not far away could be watching just ruined the mood for me.

There was this other time, around the palm trees where I really thought it would happen. Until a bunch of kids came running calling their ‘teacher Duo’. God, I wanted to drown them so bad.

But the worst one definitely happened when we were making out on his couch, and Solo showed up. He made me run for my life.

Duo was still at it. Nibbling his way to my mouth. Against my will, I pushed him away.

Not in front of everyone.

“You still care too much about appearances, love.” He whispered, and I felt like melting.

The fire faded. Someone gathered the empty beer bottles, throwing them in a trash can. The song sounded out of tune. Most of them staggered home while others slept right there on the sand.

“Let´s say I’m a reserved person.” I said hoping no one saw me blush when his hands slid under my shirt to caress my chest. I was hot fast. I tried to blame the alcohol, but my conscience’s little voice reminded me that none of us drank more than coconut milk this night.

I let his hand do whatever it wanted, and lost myself in his sweet kiss. I gave up, stroking his back, getting lower and lower… until I heard a loud laughter. Looking around, I realized that no one even looked at our direction. Duo took advantage of my distraction, and reached out to fondle the bulge in my shorts. I groaned, but I barely heard myself because of all the noise around us.

All of a sudden, I raised myself dusting my clothes to take of the sand. Duo’s expression was insecure. I smirked and pulled him up, putting my arms around his waist once more. We walked fast back to his house never stopping touching each other.

I barely closed the door before Duo was all over me, pressing me against the wall, devouring my mouth. He rubbed himself against my body provoking me even more. Like I needed it… His thigh made its way between my own. My hands squeezed his ass pulling him even tighter against me. He ground himself against my leg, moaning softly at the friction.

I lost my patience. Grabbing him, we went to the living room, but immediately stopped when we heard a sound.

The television was on. Sitting on the couch, Howard watched it. Maybe sensing something, he turned around to look at us. He found us in perfect calm, holding hands, looking like nothing happened. The lights were off so he probably didn’t see our flushed faces and disarranged hair. He nodded his head to greet us, and turned back to the television.

Duo didn’t waste any time, pushing me to his room. He seemed as impatient as me.

I didn’t offer any more resistance, helping him take off our clothes trying my best not to rip anything. I kissed, licked and sucked on his neck just to hear him moaning. He found my lips again and unbuttoned my shorts, but I made my way down his chest giving special attention to his nipples.

His moans were the best sound I have ever heard.

When I got to his belly, I found myself completely naked. So it was only fair to leave him in the same state. He shivered when I exposed him. The open window let the gentle breeze blow on our heated bodies.

I grabbed his arousal. He gasped. His hands were now on my head telling me what he actually wanted. I licked his hardness. I suspect he would have fallen if my hands hadn’t been digging into his hips, holding him in place. Taking a deep breath, I looked again at his flushed face. His lips open, searching for air, the eyes glassy. I finally swallowed the member in front of me.

I felt him squirm and moan even louder. He squeezed some of my hair. It hurt a little, but I didn’t mind.

After a while, his other hand nudged my shoulder. Looking up, he handed me a tube. Where did this come from? Whatever. While licking and sucking his member like he had done to me many times before – delighted with how he quivered, whispered and made sensual noises – I wet my fingers with the lube. I reached behind him and pressed my slick finger on his ring just to tease. He whined and reached for my hand, but before he could, I inserted my finger inside him. I was rewarded with a groan.

I didn’t wait much longer to add a second finger, sliding them in and out. At first it was tight, but soon I could make gentle scissoring motions, and he started begging for more.

My own need couldn’t wait any longer for some stimulation.

I introduced a third finger, making a circular motion this time. Maybe I hit something because he jolted, and commanded me to go deeper.

He whined again when I let go of his dripping member, and withdrew my fingers.

Duo smiled at me, and for some reason, that drove me completely crazy with desire. I rose from my kneeling position to take him in my arms, but he was faster. He ran to the other side of the room. Graceful like a cat, he jumped the window.

I didn’t have to think twice to follow him. I still had just enough of my higher brain functions left to cover my own arousal with lube before chasing him.

What I found almost made me drool.

He sat on the hammock, in front of me, laid back on his arms. Legs opening the colorful fabric. His hip conveniently on the same height as my own.

I neared slowly, aware of the hungry look on my face. Duo licked his lips seductively, and raised himself a little more. I held on his knees and penetrated him, abandoning myself in that warmth surrounding me – challenging me to lose control.

I knew I breathed with difficulty when his swollen hardness finally touched my belly. Duo lay on the hammock and circled his legs around my waist. He seemed ready enough. But I received my confirmation when he said “Please, just go already!” and that’s exactly what I did.

In a matter of seconds, I had a frenetic rhythm, thrusting in and out. Duo didn’t protest – on the contrary. He moaned, making sensual noises driving me to an end faster than I wanted. He slid on the hammock, his pelvis rising higher increasing our contact and how deep I could go. He cried out with pleasure. A hand grabbed my shoulder, and the other scratched my back.

In moments we reached our limits. The look on his face told me he wouldn’t last much longer. Minutes seemed like seconds. And seconds didn’t seem enough for me anymore.

Duo’s erotic cries, and his tight heat made me growl like an animal when I finally exploded.

I heard him cry out my name, and then our stomachs were all wet.

I collapsed on top of him, exhausted, savoring every sensation. The wind still blowing tantalized our hot and damp bodies. I thought I could die happy. The hammock rocked slowly. His panting mixed with mine when he pulled me to a kiss.

When we parted, Duo looked at something behind me and his eyes got big. He tried to jump but failed miserably since I was still on top of him – and inside him.

I looked behind me, and almost had a heart attack. Uncle Howard stood there. Even with his sunglasses I noticed he seemed pretty annoyed. He put his finger in front of his lips in a clear sign for silence. After making some pretty fast gestures, he closed the window.

That got me confused. But I was too nervous to worry about anything right now. After all, I had my soft member inside the shack-owner’s nephew. I was living in this shack – his house. Duo turned completely red, from head to toe. He avoided my eyes.

“What was that?” I asked.

He rubbed the back of his neck. Then he smoothed his bangs. I noticed he transformed into a fluorescent tomato.

“Hum… Howard wanted to remind me that he is…” he cleared his throat “just partially deaf.”

“Partially?” I was shocked, to say the least. So all the noise we made could bother even a partial deaf man? Should I be proud of us? Or mad because no one – Duo – told me that before?

I might have been more embarrassed, but right now I was completely sated after the most amazing sex of my life.

To be continued…

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Author’s e-mail: maymacallyster(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br


Air brush – is a small, air-operated tool that sprays various media including ink and dye but most often paint. It is used in cars, surfboards, shirts and almost anything.

Gell – to vegetate, do nothing.

Luau – or lual. Parties held under the moonlight, with campfires, and a lot of music.

On the Beach – Chris Rea. (“The secrets of the summer I will keep/The sands of time will blow a mystery/No-one but you and I/Underneath that moonlight sky/Take me back to the place that I know/On the beach”)

I didn’t specified Heero’s song, but I was thinking something like an acoustic version of Flower by Kinki Kids. (“I rub my tired eyes, and take in the sunlight/It’s so bright/Summer’s coming soon/Let´s make a flower of love grow/Up to the blue sky, strong as a sunflower/I’ll say goodbye to the me of yesterday/Who dwelled on little things”)

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