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Coast 2

Title: Coast

Part 2/8

Author: Aryam McAllyster

Beta: Jewel of Hell

Summary: Heero is a writer going to the beach searching inspiration, and he finds more than he expected. He is going to find a new life and maybe a new meaning to his happiness and his art. 1x2, AU, POV, lemon. R&R, please!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don’t own the characters, so I kidnap them and brought them to a distant beach.

Pairing: 1+2

A/N: I apologize to the surf community, I made my research, but the only way to actually understand a
different culture is to live it. I tried to make more believable as possible, but sorry if there are too many mistakes with the slangs. Please, report to me if you find one too many. The beach is fictional as it is their way of life…

Warning: Rating MA is for future adult situations, AU



Part 2


POV (Heero), 1+2, AU.

Beta: Jewel of Hell

Thanks everyone who sent me reviews ^.^ Here you go another chapter. Hope you like it!

The boy took me to his home, which I found refreshingly polite. Home… well, it looked more like a… shack or a cottage. A really simple place, no luxuries, not even a single painting hanging on the brick wall. He must have noticed my discomfort since he smiled knowingly at me.

“By the way,” he said, offering me his hand. “I’m Duo. What’s your name?”

“I’m Heero Yuy.” I waited for a reaction… None.

“Nice to meet you, Heero” We shook hands briefly. Then he led me inside.

A man with grayish hair, wearing sunglasses, shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and slippers entered the kitchen, and made some gestures to the boy – Duo – who started gesticulating too. I recognized that. Sign language. It seemed that the ‘cool’ looking old man was deaf. It didn't require the mind of a genius to see he asked about me – he pointed right at my nose.

I quietly watched the silent conversation. Duo finally looked at me and made another gesture.


“Oh! Sorry. I get caught up sometimes. He's Howard, my uncle, and wants to know what're you doing here.”

“I’m a writer.”

I saw his eyes getting big. I almost laughed at his surprise. Guess I don’t look like the intellectual type.

“My new romance happens on a beach. The main character is a surfer. So I decided to come here to research how this… ‘tribe’ lives.”

I neglected to mention I had already done a research. I knew how to surf – in theory. But I felt that I had to live this unique lifestyle to really understand it.

“Awesome,” he praised. Then he ‘translated’ to his uncle who nodded, raised an eyebrow, and left.

“Let’s wash your clothes. You can use some of mine until they dry.”

I looked him up and down, noting he was a little shorter than me. He also seemed younger. My expression probably showed him my doubt that I could comfortably fit into his smaller clothes.

“Well… Maybe my brother’s…” he seemed to think a little about that before turning back to me. “Wanna take a shower?”


He went to get a towel, and I followed him behind the house. There was a river. On the shore, secluded by trees, I found a tube made of wood. Duo twirled a crank, and the water started to flow.

“It'll last about ten minutes, so you better hurry. Enjoy it.”

I am sure I would have enjoyed it a lot more if he had joined me.

Who I am kidding? I was pretty aware of my state of hunger and weariness.

Asking for a hot bath at this point would be too much, so I was already pleased having the river’s clean water to take a bath at all. At least he had shampoo – a natural shampoo, homemade. I shuddered when the cold water hit my skin.

I didn’t take long anyway.

Washed, dry, and dressed, I smelled food. Without hesitation, I entered the house.

“What the hell is this benny doing here?”

I remembered that voice. I turned and glared at the blond guy on the couch.

“Solo, go get us some coconuts.” said my host.

“Come on! I can’t believe you are encouraging this schlock. Bringing him home and all. You should've left him outside, at night, when the ocean gets gnarly.” He finally faced me “I bet you’re just a kook.”

I just kept glaring, not sure of what he said.

“Dude, cut the bullshit. Go get some coconuts, seriously, there is nothing to drink.” Duo ordered again.

Once more, Solo glared at me, but obeyed. Through the window, I saw him climbing a palm tree.

What’s up with these people?

The dinner was simple. Fish, salad, potatoes, some rice and… coconuts. We ate in silence, Duo, me, Solo, and their uncle.

After that, Duo showed me his bedroom where I would sleep. I insisted I had no problem sleeping on the couch – I didn’t want to bother them more than I already had. But Duo assured me he rarely slept in there anyway.

I caught myself thinking about Relena. I hoped she was okay. Even though she irritated me, I didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

I raised from my bed to pick up my cell phone. It had been safely tucked in a side pocket on my backpack. I looked for a signal, so I could call her. I went to the living room window, and found Duo laying on a hammock contemplating the moon. The ocean under the hammock tapped gently on the wall. He smiled at me. For a few seconds I simply enjoyed the sight. The moonlight made his face pale, reflecting off his shining violet eyes as they looked back at me. Behind him I saw the night sky full of stars and heard the lulling sound of the sea.

“Is it safe here?” I finally asked, lowering the cell phone once I noticed there was no signal here either.

“Yep. Today it’s in the high-water mark. Don’t worry about it. Even If the water got higher than that, the walls are strong enough, and the windows pretty high.”

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked, noticing he shivered.

“A little…”

I went back to my room, and got him a blanket. I jumped the window, stepping in the water, and covered him. It was the least I could do. I wasn’t used to people taking care of me, so I felt uncomfortable owing him so much.

He smiled once more and thanked me, blushing faintly.

“I should be the one thanking you,” I said, not knowing where the words came from. “For the hospitality.”

He laughed again. I started to really like that sound.

“If you call this hospitality… You’re welcome.”

To be continued…

Author’s e-mail: maymacallyster(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br


Benny – ‘Tanless’ tourist.

Schlock – Insult. Like a nerd, geek, idiot.

Gnarly – Dangerous, treacherous, rough, out of control, ugly. It can also mean good, bad or huge.

Kook – Very derogatory. Someone completely awkward or really bad surfer.

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