✦ Citty ✦ (lilrand0m_chik) wrote in ketsuai,
✦ Citty ✦

Pimping Myself Out

 Well, in the ffnet world, I am known as Duo Yuy-Chang. And so I was convinced to also display my fics on a community of my own. So I did!! Most of my fanfictions would be Gundam Wing, always Duo as the main focus. 

So far (since I need to get organised), I have two fics up, gundam related. 

Thy Heart Shall Bleed, is a horror-romance with pairings such as Heero/Duo. 

Cardcaptor Duo, is a gundam wing AU version of Cardcaptor Sakura, with various pairings that will eventually become Wufei/Duo. 

Please mosey over to my community to read them> Duo Yuy-Chang's Fanfictions

Thank You. 

P.S, I will be adding more fics of course. I just want to tidy them up first X_X. 
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