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A Fresh Face

It's been a while since I've joined any kind of GW group, but then again, it's also been a while since I've posted in a LiveJournal. So just bare with me. I might need someone to link me to an explanation on how to LJ Cut, because I've forgotten... But whatever!

[Who is your favorite GW character?]: Duo, hands down. I can only assume that over 60% of the people who filled this out picked Duo as well. lol

[Second favorite?]: Wufei. I love him so.

[How long have you been a fan of GW?]: Since 2000. So about seven years.

[Do you write GW fanfiction?]: I've written a little, but I plan on writing more.

[What are your favorite pairings?]: In order: 2x5 (my OPT), 3x4, 5x2x1

[Do you prefer the English dub actors or the Japanese seiyuu?]: I've only ever watched the English dubs, so it's not that I prefer it, it's just all I know.

[Who is your favorite voice in the series?]: I think Trowa. It's just sounds right.

[Favorite MS?]: Deathscythe H Custom and Altron

[What is your favorite GW song (image song/theme/closing/etc...)?]: it's been so long since I've listened to them that I actually don't remember them.

[What (in your opinion) is the most defining moment in the series?]: Well, the most defining moment in the series for my favorite parings (2x5) is when Wufei and Duo are prisoners on the moon base. They seem to connect so much and it makes for a really good starting ground for the pairings x3. At the moment I can't think of anything that was really defining for the series as a whole, but that's probably because it's been quite a while since I've sat down and really watched the show. I'm so terrible.

[Do you ever feel the urge to push Heero's bangs away from his eyes and let your hand linger on his forehead?]: Not at all really... Heero is honestly one of my least favorite characters in the series. Stating that as gotten me a lot of rants form fans, but it's true. But then again, I've never liked the main character in a lot of shows I watch. Whatever. (But he's not my least favorite! Dorothy is.)

[Have you ever watched any anime titles you weren't particularly interested in, only because a seiyuu from GW was in it?]: Can't say I ever have...

[What is your favorite set of clothes from GW?]: I love Duo's outfit in Endless Waltz. But also, I think trowa is the only one with a sense of style out of them all.

[Which character do you think you can relate the best with?]: I don't know about relating with them on a personal level, but I think I'd get along best with Duo and Quatre. I mean, like a lot of the pilots, I often feel home sick, and my father left the family, so like just about all of the pilots, my family isn't normal. But I'm a little luckier then they are, seeing that my family just lives very far away, where in the case of the pilots, they're all probably dead.

[Have you ever had any GW related dreams?]: A few times, actually.

[Which pilot (including Zechs and Treize- they're technically pilots too) do you think would look best in eyeliner? XD]: Usually I wouldn't put eyeliner on a guy unless he was in a band, but I think Zechs would look pretty good with it.

[Do you like spandex?]: Not really. Heero always looked best in the Preventer uniform or a pair of jeans, IMHO.

[How about military issue knee-boots?]: Now that's hot.

[What's the oddest thing you've done to show your love of GW?]: Put a braid in my hair, went around with a picture of Duo on my keychain, tried to force all of my friends to watch Gundam Wing.. so on and so forth.
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